The type of location where snow clearing takes place greatly influences the choice of optimal blade type.

The RC blade, made of exceptionally resistant but flexible rubber with corundum inlays, presents itself as the optimal choice. It is equally useful at airports and parking lots where many sensitive objects such as signal lights and markings are embedded in the surface. The primary function of the soft but durable RC blade on such surfaces is to avoid causing damage while thoroughly removing snow, often in the form of slush.

Whether working at high speeds on a motorway or carefully manoeuvring city streets and parking lots, clearing light and dry or wet and heavy snow, using a single-segmented or multi-segmented snow plough, there’s an optimal Norskal blade for each scenario.

  • Combination of rubber with embedded corundum disks
  • All types of snow ploughs
  • Prevents damage to the surface
  • Very quiet operation
  • Good snow clearing results
  • Excellent for slush
  • Long lifespan


The RC blade is a combination of wear-resistant rubber with corundum inlays. The elasticity of rubber is well suited for surfaces with many obstacles and generally produces less noise, which makes it the preferred choice for clearing snow inside urban areas. The corundum cores extend the longevity of the rubber layer by minimizing friction with the surface.

High quality steel for the worm work with wear resistance, high temperature and corrosion resistance and resistance to appearance of plastic deformations and impact load’s.

It is a specially developed rubber component which is resistant to extreme requirements of different road surfaces. It has great wear resistance and flexible and elastic properties for effective adaptation to irregularities.

It has a drip-molding of crystalline oxide form, with high hardness and resistance to abrasion, which places it right behind the diamond. With a specially designed form it is manufactured as an insert for all kinds of our snow plough blades.




RC 50
Rubber – corundum : Quiet and resistant to abrasion

The RC blade is perfect for use in city streets, cycle paths, parking lots and other sensitive surfaces with lots of obstacles and visual markings. The combination of rubber and corundum provides the necessary flexibility to avoid damage to surfaces but also allows very quiet operation which is a prerequisite for snow clearing inside urban locations.

If you’re looking for more information on RC 50 blades, you can find it in provided technical data sheet.




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Optimized for light snowploughs.


The everlasting blade.