Rubber blades

  • RC

    The RC blade, consisting of exceptionally resistant but flexible rubber with corundum inlays, presents itself as the optimal choice. It is equally useful at airports and parking lots where many sensitive objects such as signal lights and markings are embedded in the surface. The primary function of the soft but durable RC blade on such surfaces is to avoid causing damage while thoroughly removing snow, often in the form of slush.

  • RS

    RS blade is a novelty on a market in combination of rubber and hardox metal sheet. It is perfect for local roads because of tis lower noise prouction wehen compared with classical hardox blades. They are very simple to install and still providing durability and less damage to the roads. Hardox sheet is providing necessary stability for rubber.

  • RTX

    RTX blade is perfect for cleaning city and urban area, parking lots, cycle paths, and tiled surfaces. It is very quiet , very durable when it comes to rubber blades beacuse it is made with rubber layers reinforced with cord net. This rubber blade is very resistant to tearing and rubbing.