Norskal snow plough blades


Manufacturer of wear parts for snow ploughs based in Croatia. Best known for its COMBI blades called SRC 25, SRC 36, SRC 50. Largest share of exports: Germany, Switzerland, Austria. Focus on high quality and fast delivery. Possibility of making custom products.

Norskal saves time and money

Greater wear resistance, quieter and more efficient at snow removal – the benefits of Norskal blades are clear. Compared with the cost and lifespan of conventional blades, they become even more attractive.

Not only will overall costs on blades during the winter season be reduced, but less frequent need for exchanging blades also means the winter service vehicle can be deployed longer in the field with less downtime and fewer labour costs. Every minute counts when heavy snowfall hits, and the right blades make all the difference.

  When the snowfall gets really intense, knowing that your plough’s blades will endure is truly comforting. Using Norskal blades eliminates one unknown factor from the equation.

Users in Norway

The right blade for each surface


Local roads

Lower priority roads, sometimes following curvy and uneven terrain.

Motorways, national & regional roads

Open, high priority roads often maintained by wide snowplough configurations at high speeds.

Urban areas

Tight roads with many obstacles such as speed bumps, raised sewage ducts and potholes.

Parking lots

Tight spaces with lots of potential points of contact between the snowplough and obstacles.


Runways, taxiways, aprons and access roads.

The mission: keep the roads clear

Every day and in all seasons, the global system of roads and motorways pulses with traffic like the circulatory system of a giant living organism. Passengers and cargo travel hundreds of kilometres and are expected to reach their destinations safely and on time. To make this happen, thousands of operators must tirelessly and meticulously maintain the road network without a moment’s rest.

Winter is the time when their skills and preparation are truly put to the test. When snow covers the roads, having the right equipment and responding quickly saves lives and prevents traffic stoppages that can otherwise inflict crippling economic losses.

Norskal blades play a small but critical role in this battle against the elements. They are the first line of defence which winter service operators can rely on when it matters the most. As a drastic improvement over traditional snowplough blades they are more durable and cost-efficient, making the job of keeping roads clear of snow significantly easier. This is what Norskal is all about: Defying the elements.

Download catalogue

The latest NORSKAL product catalogue is here provided for PDF download.