Combi gliding shoe

The longest lasting gliding shoe on the market, ideal in combination with COMBI blades because it uses the same working principle.

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KOMBI Gliding shoe - with rubber and ceramic

GLIDING SHOE is used as an additional support so that all the weight would not be on the blades. They are used instead of wheels. Norskal SRC - GLIDING SHOE is most often used in combination with combi blades because they have the same properties and the same wear, which makes it easier to change. The Norskal gliding shoe is actually a combi or combined gliding shoe. Norskal gliding shoe is made of 3 materials: Steel, rubber and corundum. The Norskal gliding shoe is called "SRC – Gliding shoe" because it is used in combination with Norskal SRC blades. The Norskal gliding shoe can extend the life of SRC blades.