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Dear present and future partners, feel free to contact us via E-mail from any of above listed contacts. We will be happy to inform you or direct you to the right address. You can already find a lot of information and materials on our website, but of course for all additional questions contact us. If you are interested in starting cooperation with us, please contact our sales. If you already use our products for your plows or want to try them, you can also contact one of our authorized distributors shown on the "DISTRIBUTORS" page.

Our snow plow blades are one of the most durable in the world, as proven by many tests and customer opinions over the years. We achieve this by choosing premium materials such as HARDOX 450 steel plates. Hardox is one of our most important strategic partners and we believe that if Hardox, which is one of the largest steel producers in the world, has chosen our products, you will do the same after trying them out.

We would love to hear your opinion on our products, any suggestions are welcome. Feel free to contact our sales, our goal is for our end users to be satisfied with the purchase.

Damir Lugarić

Research and development

%nbsp; damir.lugaric@gumix-elastor.hr

%nbsp; +385 99 549 3660

Matias Knežević

Sales and marketing

%nbsp; matias.knezevic@gumix-elastor.hr

%nbsp; +385 99 549 3655

Alen Matić

Warehouse and production

%nbsp; alen.matic@gumix-elastor.hr

%nbsp; +385 99 549 3535

Frequently asked Questions


Who is the owner of NORSKAL?

NORSKAL is a brand name, owned by a private company Gumix Elastor d.o.o. from Croatia, which has been producing special rubber parts for more than 25 years.

What does NORSKAL mean?

NORSKAL is a unique combination of two words in the Norwegian language: Nord (North) + Skalpell (Sharp knife - scalpel). Together, these words represent "NORSKAL" or northern knife or northern blade, which subconsciously immediately associates with our main product: Snow plough blades.

What are snow plough blades or snow plow blades?

Snow plough blades are a consumable spare part on every snow plough. They are always in contact with the road and without them the snow plough is unusable. Classic blades are made of steel plates in various thicknesses, but NORSKAL blades are a more advanced version of the same product. NORSKAL blades are made in combination with steel, rubber and ceramic or carbide to improve properties and durability. NORSKAL enables quieter and smoother plowing, protects roads and ploughs from irregularities and bumps. Low plowing resistance saves fuel and increases maximum plowing speed. NORSKAL blades last longer and are therefore more affordable than others because they bring savings over time.

Is there a difference between snow plough blades, snow plow blades or cutting edges?

In general, the differences do not exist, these products can be found under various names, but the most regular and most widely used by the European manufacturers of ploughs and manufacturer of blades is: “Snow plough blades”.

What materials are used in the production of NORSKAL blades?

All COMBI blades are made of HARDOX 450 steel plates, black rubber of high quality and wear resistance, corundum (the hardest mineral in the world after diamond), carbide (the hardest metal in the world, the second hardest material in the world). RUBBER PRO blades are made of corundum and rubber. RUBBER blades are made of black rubber in hardness of 75 Shore A, with plastic reinforcements in the form of mesh. POLYURETHANE blades are made of special cast red polyurethane, hardness 90 Shore A.

For which plows can NORSKAL blades be ordered?

A complete list of ploughs for which we can make blades can be found at our distributors, with them you can check if we have everything ready for your new set. If we do not have your plough in the database, feel free to send us a sketch or fill out our hole template form and we will make a set for your plough. We most often produce blades for the following plows: RASCO, DRUTZEL, SPRINGER, SCHMIDT, BEILHACK, ZAUGG, SAMASZ, HYDRAC, KAHLBACHER. You can also buy our products as original spare parts directly from the plough manufacturers: RASCO, SPRINGER, DRUTZEL.

What is the maximum length of a blade per piece?

All blade models can be produced up to a maximum length of 2000 mm. We do not produce blades longer than 2000 mm because it has been shown to increase the cost of transport, limit maneuvering space and increase the possibility of long-term bending of the product. The shorter the blades, the firmer they are and the better they adapt to the road.

Can I cut and drill rubber or polyurethane blades by myself?

Of course, rubber and polyurethane blades are most often purchased in lengths of 2000 mm, and if necessary, they are cut to the desired dimension and holes are drilled according to the customer's design. Cutting and drilling of rubber and polyurethane does not require special machines and equipment, therefore it is often done while installing them on the plough.

Do you offer a transportation service?

We offer a transport service as an additional service; we organize transport through our partners: DSV or Gebruder Weiss. Transport prices are agreed individually for a specific address or region or for each delivery separately. The price of transport is not included in the price of the product.

How to distinguish blades on a pallet, how are they sorted?

Each order is packed on a euro pallet, the sets are connected with special metal ties and on each blade on the side is a label with all the basic product information such as: Blade model, Blade length, plough model, order number, serial number.

How can we know that Original Hardox 450 is used in blades?

We have signed a contract with SSAB, which owns the HARDOX brand, and we are part of the Hardox program "In My Body", which allows us to use official Hardox labels with a serial number and QR code to check the material used in the production.

How and where to order NORSKAL blades for my own plough?

If you are the owner of a plough and want to order a set of blades for yourself, please contact one of our distributors who are closest to you. If there are no NORSKAL distributors in your area contact our sales directly.

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