On this page you can find all our current products. The main division of our products is into: snow plow blades, gliding shoe, curb guard and other polyurethane parts. Norskal snow plows are divided into 4 categories as follows: Combination blades, Rubber pro blades, Rubber blades and polyurethane blades. All blades are produced in a maximum length of 2000 mm per piece. Each group of blades differs in the materials used in plowing.

Combi blades consist of Hardox 450 steel plates, rubber and segments of corundum (ceramic) or tungsten carbide (carbide). They are special for their high wear resistance and method of production, which is that between the front and rear plates of Hardox, there are segments of corundum, and the empty space is filled with rubber. The rubber allows the segments to dampen the vibrations generated during plowing and prevents the segments from cracking. The end result is quieter and more comfortable operation compared to standard steel blades. The best-selling blade from the group of combi blades is SRC 36.

Rubber pro blades are rubber blades of special shapes and dimensions with corundum segments. Corundum prolongs the life of the rubber, and with its high hardness penetrates deeper to the ground than the rubber alone. They are extremely quiet and adaptable to uneven surfaces. They are often used on roads that have a lot of accessories such as signal lights, where standard blades can get stuck or even tear off the lights, and rubber pro blades adjust and cross the obstacle without consequences. The best-selling blade from the rubber pro group is the RC 50 (ceramic).

Rubber blades are blades that use only rubber as a material that touches the surface. Our rubber blades are specific in that they are made of several layers of rubber and plastic reinforcements in the shape of a net. The plastic net prevents the rubber from tearing and thus prolongs the service life and increases the wear resistance. We produce rubber blades in different dimensions as follows: height, 150, 200, 250, 300 mm, thickness: 30, 40, 50 mm.

Polyurethane blades are most similar to rubber blades. They have better wear resistance than rubber and come in red color and 90 Shore A hardness. As with rubber blades, the maximum length per piece is 2000 mm, and the thicknesses are: 30, 40, 50 mm. Currently, they are offered only in the height of 200 mm, but the plan is to expand the offer to other heights as well.